iphone 12 price


 iphone 12 price ₹ 79,900.00 | Which iPhone Should You Choose in 2021?

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iphone 12 price

Hi everyone,every year apple comes out with a new line of phones   and then gets rid of some of the other ones and their lineup has become kind of confusing because   there's a lot of different phones available and so i wanted to help you decide which one would   be right for you in 2021 and here i have every single phone that they offer new on   apple.com or in the apple store today there are other phones of course but this is what they   sell the others are not sold through apple anymore and so we have the iphone se 2nd generation which   comes in three colors which we have product red here and then there's also a white and black with   the iphone 10r we get more colors and as you can see here this is also the product red but it's a   slightly different shade than the se and it comes in other colors as well along with the iphone 11 

  which is one of the more colorful phones and this one is the green color but there's others as   available as well then we have this year's iphones the iphone 12 mini which comes in   quite a few colors as well this is the color black and they have others as you can see here and then   also the iphone 12. and the iphone 12 is very colorful has the exact same color availability   as the iphone 12 mini and then the iphone 12 pro which this is the new pacific blue color and   then the iphone 12 pro max and again they come in multiple colors four different colors for the 12   pro

 and the 12 pro max and so each year apple has a new set of phones with some new features   but some of the older phones do pretty well against the newer ones so i'm going to compare   quite a few other things as well including cameras and speed and the first thing is how they're built   now all of them are glass front and back and you can see there's slight differences with the pro   models having a frosted back where everything else has a glossy back so they have glass front and   back they all support wireless charging but they have different camera layouts as well as different   build materials so the iphone se the iphone 10r and the iphone 11 as well as the iphone 12 mini   and 12 are all aluminum with glass front and back however the iphone 12 pro and the 12 pro max have   stainless steel on the outside edge instead of aluminum

 so there's a slightly different   finish on them and they have you can see here one is more shiny the stainless steel and then you   have the aluminum which is more of a matte finish and so they're different materials and they're   different weights as well so obviously the smaller phones will be lighter but as you get up to the   stainless steel they're much heavier so there's a different weight and if that's a concern of course   you would want to stick with the lighter phones or if you don't mind you can go with the larger ones   now out of all these phones they're similar in the sense that they all have a way to unlock   them that's secure 

but the iphone sc is the only one with touch id and currently it's an   easy way to unlock your phone as we go like that we've had it for years and the phone unlocks   however there is no other larger phone that's currently available from apple that actually has   touch id so you'll have to use face id on all of the rest of the phones so this is your only   option that's new now the there's the iphone 8 plus which was the last big touch id phone   that's available

 but that's what you have as far as unlocking now as far as price of course there's   some very big differences between this we go all the way from 399 dollars at the starting price   all the way to 1 49 at the very top fully loaded top storage option device of the 12 pro max   so there's a huge variety in between and basically every year apple ratches down   the price by 100 on the iphone 11 

since that's no longer new for example so they've brought it down   100 compared to the previous year now of course as you can see every one of them has a different size   display we have everything from the larger bezels on the iphone se with 4.7 inches up to 6.7 inches   on the 12 pro max so there's a size display for each one of you depending on which works best for   you and what will fit in your pocket so they're all decent displays that way and they all have   decent resolutions in fact all of them are over 300 pixels per inch despite many people saying   that the iphone 10r

 and the iphone 11 have subpar displays i wouldn't agree with that at all the   colors are very accurate the viewing angles are very good and you do have a little bit of maybe   blurriness around the corner depending on who you ask but that's because the pixels actually change   size to make this corner on an lcd most people won't see this especially if you have a case you   won't really see anything at all most people can't see it with their eyes despite what they think   

but you will get much better deeper blacks with say the iphone 12 series phones that have oled   displays they're deeper blacks because they're shutting off the pixels and they're brighter as   well so they're very good that way but other than that you will see much deeper blacks on the oled   display or the super retina xdr display of the iphone 12 series phones you'll have deep blacks   and very vibrant colors however with the lcds they have an advantage 

and i know not a lot of people   mention this but it's something that affects me personally and that's called pwm the way apple   controls the display brightness and every every other manufacturer of oled displays actually   blinks the screen faster and slower to give you brighter or less bright screens so you can't   physically see this with your eyes but it can cause eye strain and cause people to get headaches   and not really want to use the phone or even cause them to feel nauseated

 or dizzy at times so   these phones the oled display or super retina xdr displays are very good it's at a very fast rate   and doesn't bother most people but it can bother some people so if you're very sensitive to light   or flickering lights or anything like that you may want to consider the lcd based display as   that will cause less eye strain over time now when it comes to the cameras the forward-facing cameras   are all the same on the iphone 12 series phones in fact there's zero differences at all really from   any of the 12 series forward facing cameras 

you're really not going to notice any difference they do   4k 60 and they all look great and i'll show you that in a moment also the phones on the left here   go from worst to best so you're going from a seven-megapixel forward-facing camera on the iphone se   that's just okay and it gets a little bit better as we go to the right so let me go ahead and show   you some of the video from that so you can get an idea what the forward-facing video is like   and since these are all the same i've combined some of them so we're only going to take a look   at four of the phones because these iphone 12 series phones are identical when it comes to that   this is the forward-facing camera of the iphone se the iphone 10r the iphone 11 and the iphone   12 series phones all of the iphone 12s this year have the exact same forward facing camera but if   you have the 12 mini and the 12 they only go up to 30 frames per second with hdr you can do 60 on the   12 pro and the 12 pro max so on the iphone se

 and 10r you can only do 1080p but on the 11 and   12 series you can do 4k so here's the microphones from the iphone se then the microphone from the   iphone 10r the microphone from the iphone 11 and then the iphone 12 series phones let me know which   one you think sounds best and looks best based on what it's doing with the background and processing   it with the neural engine in the comments below now when it comes to the rear cameras of the   phones they're very different now you'll see that the iphone se and the iphone 10r only have   one camera lens and these are actually very good cameras but there's only one lens available 

so if   you're into something say an ultra wide photo that you want a more expansive view of what you can see   then you're going to want to go with the iphone 11 or 12 series as they have more than one lens   as we go up to the 12 mini the 12 and the 12 pro well the 12 pro and the 12 pro max have   three lenses so you get an additional telephoto zoom lens in most cases the telephoto doesn't   really matter too much and i'll show you that in a comparison in just a moment but you can zoom in up   to about 5x optically punching into the sensor on the 12 pro max and you get much better low light   on the iphone 12 pro max as it has a larger sensor overall also compared to all of these the 12 pro   and the 12 pro max have what's called apple pro raw where you can more finely define what you   want the photo to look like after you've taken it so it's got more data in when it takes the picture 

  now when it comes to the 12 series they have hdr video recording as well the 12 mini and the 12 pro   both have up to 30 frames per second dolby vision hdr recording where the 12 pro max and 12 pro have   4k 60 hdr recording so these are the best when it comes to video by far they have great microphones   but you still can record 4k on the other phones as well so let's go ahead and take a look at what   some of the photos look like and some of the video looks like from the back of these phones now one of the things i can't show you since this video is not recorded in hdr is what hdr looks   like compared to regular i do have some separate hdr video 

so if you want to take a look at that   what you'll notice is on an iphone you'll have very bright brights or very bright whites and very   dark blacks and it looks super vibrant very cool very close to real life and it just looks great   overall so hdr is something that i think is not overrated but once you've seen it i think you'll   understand but you do need to see it first and so hdr is a big deal but you do need an hdr display   to see it so if you have that ability definitely get one of the new phones that can record in hdr   as it makes a huge difference now when it comes to the overall speed of the phones there's not as big   of a difference as you might think depending on the task you're doing you've got everything from   the a12 bionic and the 10r up to the a14 bionic in the iphone 12 series phones and anywhere from   three to six gigabytes of ram depending on which phone you're talking about and each of them is   very fast if we take the the slowest phone technically which is the 10r as far as the   processor is concerned and compare it with say the iphone 12 pro max and open a game let's see   what we can do here so if we go into a game got a game here we'll go into minecraft for example 

  and i'll show you how quickly it loads and what i think you'll find is that it's very interesting   that sometimes it loads faster on an older or slower cpu so we'll give it just a moment to load   that's not always the case but you will find that from time to time so we'll give it a moment and we'll go ahead and hit continue turn off the sound here and then we'll hit continue hit play hit play   and then we'll wait for it just a moment since i haven't opened it on the 10r in some time since   reinstalling we'll hit create create new world and then we'll hit create and you'll see that it's   very fast on both 

we'll give it a moment we'll hit proceed proceed and you'll see that it's still   fairly quick on either one but again let's give it a moment to continue to load and now it's done on   the 12 pro max sometimes when i run this test it's done much faster than that and it would already   be loaded on some of the others sometimes it just depends on what's going on so as you can see here   both of them are nice and fast they're smooth

 when it comes to scrolling playing games just   doing day-to-day tasks you're not going to notice a difference when doing anything on the phone most   of the time it's going to be super fast no matter what you're doing now one way we can sort of test   how fast it is when we put it under an intensive task is to use something like imovie to export   a 4k video so what i'll do is i'll close all the apps that are running and then we'll see how fast   all of them can export 

now i have the same video loaded on every single one of these i imported   the video then i added the title that way it would have to re-render it all and you can see here it's   two minutes and 58 seconds long so what i have is this video here ready to go and we'll export   it in 4k on all of these devices and then use this other phone to measure how fast it exports   now this could be a little bit tricky i'm not sure i can tap on share on all of these at the same   time and also none of them have any other apps open so as you can see here they're all closed and none of them have any apps open 

  so let's go ahead and share these so now i'll go ahead and hit save video at the same time   i'll try and hit them all at the same time or as close as i can see if we can do this and   then hit save and start we'll save over here and that's about as good as we can get we're about   a second off on the 12 pro max and maybe the se so i'll let them run through this we'll see how   quickly it goes and it should be pretty good on all of them so we'll give it just a moment here and you can see how close that was on all of them we expected the iphone 12 series to finish first   since they're the fastest followed by the 11 the 10r and the se the se and the 11 and 10r were   probably right about the same

 since i started it a little bit later but i think you get the   idea that they're within a second of one another doing a very intensive task and the heat of them   is going to vary a little bit too the back of the iphone se is just ever so slightly warm   to the touch the iphone 10r is also a little bit warm in this area here near the processor   the iphone 11 let's see if it's warm at all   the iphone 11 is a little warm but barely and then let's take a look at the iphone 12 mini   there's almost nothing different on the back there the 12 maybe a little bit right here   the 12 pro again right in here and the 12 pro max 

i don't feel any difference so it just may be able   to dissipate heat more easily so basically they're all going to do very intensive tasks   very well the advantage you get with the a14 bionic cpu is really more of what it can do with   the neural engine with augmented reality using the camera to overlay different things you also have   lidar where it can scan rooms and use that cpu to do more calculations and things like that in auto   focus so you have some advantages there but unless you're into heavy video editing or photo editing   you're not going to see much of a difference between any of these

 and they're all extremely   usable there's not really a problem there now one very important aspect of getting through the day   with your phone is its battery so one thing you want to keep in mind is each phone given its size   is going to have a different size battery in it so the iphone se for example has the least amount of   battery life at about four hours or so in my use and i'm talking about my use in general using all   of these phones for about a week or so at any given point in time using similar apps so it   could vary for you but the iphone se i was getting about four or four and a half hours of screen on   time with the iphone 10r and the iphone 11 about seven to eight hours 

they're very close the 11   is technically a little bit better but i found them to be very similar seven to eight with the   iphone 12 mini i was only getting about five so it really depends on how you use it of course with   the iphone 12 and the 12 pro i find they get about a half an hour difference in battery life in fact   the 12 pro for example got a half hour less for me so about five and a half to six hours with the 12   about five to five and a half hours with the 12 pro the 12 pro max about 10 to 12 hours of screen   on time so the pro max is going to have the best battery it has the largest battery and that's why   it can actually last a little bit longer so depending on the size the mini is a great size   for a lot of people but the battery is just going to suffer a little bit from its overall size but   it's better than the se for example now when it comes to reception this is something that's   very important as you're on the internet with it or you're placing a phone call and the iphone 12   series phones have qualcomm modems where the others have intel modems the intel modems are   not as good

 they're not as fast because they don't have 5g which i'll talk about in a moment   but the sc the 10r and the 11 all have intel modems which many people had problems with over   time with dropping calls and things like that apple has since switched back to qualcomm after   resolving some disputes and now all the iphone 12 series phones have qualcomm modems in them   

they have better connectivity they have 5g and 5g millimeter millimeter wave if you're in the   united states 5g can be very fast but it also can be slow depending on your coverage where i live i   find that it's double the speed of 4g but that's not true for everyone so depending on where you   live depends on your 5g coverage overall and the quality of that 5g i find that it's not a big deal   i wouldn't buy a phone just to have 5g i would buy it because it's an upcoming technology but   it's not a reason to go out and run out and buy one of these but you will have better reception   at least in my experience i haven't dropped a single call on any of the iphone 12 series   

now when it comes to the speakers overall the speakers are all about the same but as you get   to the newer phones they seem to be a little bit louder and clearer so they're all pretty good no   issues there they both have stereo sound but again as you get to the newer phones it's going to sound   a little bit better now the ip rating or water and dust resistance is different on all of them   as well with the iphone se the iphone 10r and the iphone 11 you have different ratings of ip67 all   the way up to ip68 so with the se ip67 for up to one meter of water for 30 minutes up to the   newest 12 series phones which all have ip68 six meters for up to 30 minutes so they can withstand   more water intrusion either way though if you do have water damage apple will not cover this   

so keep that in mind that's going to affect your purchase maybe i would put a waterproof   case on it if you plan to bring it in the ocean or swimming in a pool or something along those lines   now every phone here has wireless charging they all support qi wireless charging but the iphone   12 series phones also support fast wireless charging with magsafe they have a magnet ring in   the back of them that not only holds this charger in place but allows up to 15 watts fast charging   it's not a super fast charger but it is faster than if you were using a regular qi wireless   charger there's also accessories that it works with as well maybe magnet holders for your   car that's just built into the back of it so something you can use that's a little bit nice   

and i think we'll see more accessories in the future however all of the other phones support   wireless charging and support fast charging so if you're using a regular lightning port with them   you can charge 50 percent in 30 minutes on every single one of them and then it will slow down   from there and then finish charging based on the speed and the overall size of the battery so that   is all nice and fast on all of them and all pretty much equal across the board on all of them   the wireless mag safe is the only difference with the newer ones.

so that leads me to which   one should you choose which one's right for you well it depends on the size and budget of course   so if you think that the iphone 12 pro and 12 pro max are worth double that of say the iphone 10r   for example based on the cameras being that much better and the different video options   and the larger battery life well then go for the more expensive one however if you're more   budget focused then i would look toward either the se if you really like touch id   or the 10r or 11. personally i would go for the 11 at this point seeing that it has the dual cameras   in the back technically it gets a little bit more battery life not a whole lot in my experience 

but   a little bit and in general i think it's a great phone and all of them will get updates   for years to come apple seemingly is giving up to about six years of updates at this point   on some phones so you'll be using them for years to come at least three more years on pretty much   all of them based off of that so i really wouldn't worry about that you'll have five to six years of   coverage on the iphone 12 series with ios updates so they're all very good phones and hopefully this   helped you decide which one would work best for you if you're picking up a new phone or maybe


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